Terms and Conditions

These conditions are a summary and should be used as a guide only. Full conditions of the rental is provided at the depot on pick up. You are required to sign a contract with the car hire company before they will release the vehicle.


RentNewCars is a unique website that offers you pre-payment options.

  • Pre Pay: Pre Pay Rental and tax but with No Liability Reduction
  • Max Cover: Pre Pay Rental including Liability Reduction and taxes.

Note: You must always pay items such as Child Seats, One Way Surcharges, Under Age Surcharges directly to the branch on pick up - these cannot be pre paid.

We accept VISA CARD and MASTERCARD in a secure socket layer (encrypted SSL) environment to ensure your details are not exposed.




Even though you may have fully paid for the rental upfront the main driver must present a credit card for the applicable security bond. Cash, Debit Cards or Prepaid Electronic Credit Cards will not be accepted, it can only be paid by an internationally recognised credit card which must be in the name of the authorised renter of the vehicle. NO CASH DEPOSIT WILL BE ACCEPTED.

  • Europcar - $385 refundable bond for all standard vehicles or $990 for all Luxury | Sports | Full Size 4WD |12 Seater passenger vehicles is payable on pick up.
  • Thrifty - $385 - $1100 (depending on the vehicle) refundable bond for all vehicles is payable on pickup.


Liability Reduction is an optional surcharge that reduces your legal liability for the amount due to the car hire company IF your vehicle is damaged. You can save between 15-20% per day by pre-paying Rent New Cars rather than paying it at the depot.

We offer Liability Reduction with our Max Cover payment option. Some speciality and commercial vehicles do not have this option, however they will not be displayed during the quote process.

Exceptions for 21-24 YEAR OLDS:

Europcar Rentals: 21-24yr olds must pay an Age Surcharge.
Drivers Aged 21-24 cannot reduce their Damage Liability Fee, however they can purchase WWI Drivers Aged 21 – 24 can only rent Passenger & Small AWD Vehicles
A minimum age of 25 yrs is required for Prestige vehicles & People Carriers

Thrifty Rentals: All drivers 21- 24 years can reduce the damage liability, however they do pay $22.00 per day under age surcharge.

Depots charge $25.30-$41.80 per day
Max Cover
Collision Damage Waiver
  • Reduces All Damage Liability from $3850 to $385
  • AWD Cover Included
  • Booking must be PRE-PAID
Depots charge $36.30 per day
Max Cover
Collision Damage Waiver

  • Reduces All Damage Liability from $5,500 to $990
  • Booking must be PRE-PAID.
Depots charge $63.80
Max Cover
Collision Damage Waiver

  • Reduces All Damage Liability from $5,500 to $990
  • Booking must be PRE-PAID
  • 4WD Cover Included

Full size 4WD and Luxury 4WD can only take out CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) at the branch. No Wheels, Windscreen & Iridesences cover is available.
4WD Cover is compulsary for 4WD / AWD vehicles to be covered while travelling on unsealed roads.
WWI (Wheels, Windscreen & Iridesences) Cover is available at the branch for $11 per day (subject to change)

PLEASE NOTE: Check the insurance conditions on your credit card as some cards may include some types of insurance at no extra cost. Coverage is not provided for damage incurred on unsealed roads, driving above the snow line, damage due to water immersion, overhead or undercarriage damage.

Depot charges $27-$33 per day
Max Cover

Premium Protection Package

  • Reduces:
    All Damage Liability from Standard Vehicles: $3,300 to $385
    All Damage Liability from Minibus Vehicles $3,300 to $385
    All Damage Liability from Speciality Vehicles $3,300 to $385
    All Damage Liability from 4WD Vehicles $3,300 to $385
    All Damage Liability from 12 and 25 Seater Buses $3,300 to $550
PLEASE NOTE: Check the insurance conditions on your credit card as some cards may include some types of insurance at no extra cost. Coverage is not provided for damage incurred on unsealed roads, driving above the snow line, damage due to water immersion, overhead or undercarriage damage.
Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) means an incident in which:
(a) no other motor vehicle is involved e.g rollovers, collisions with animals, trees, pedestrians
(b) another motor vehicle is involved BUT: - the other motor vehicle or its driver has not been identified OR at the time of the incident the other vehicle was stationary.
: Includes Single Vehicle Accident Cover within your rental.With the exception of 4WD and AWD where if specific cover is not taken there is no cover for single vehicle accidents
 The Single Vehicle Accident (SVA) Liability Fee is waived for rentals from a metropolitan location. Otherwise, the amount is $2,200 and can be reduced at the time of pick up for an additional fee of approximately AUD$33 per day at most locations. The fee is unable to be reduced on the Max Cover option (from non metro locations).
  • Amendments to your booking are free of charge if you are Extending the rental or Upgrading to a higher payment choice.

  • Any other amendment will be charged at a Fee of $30. This applies but is not limited to changing the vehicle type, reducing the number of rental days, changing the pick up dates or locations.

  • Please remember that amending Rental Details (other than contact details) of a Confirmed booking may change the original quoted rate. We will always advise before amending if a price increase is involved.

  • Rentals which have been pre paid may not be amended once the vehicle has been picked up & No refund is issued for un-used days. (Europcar and Thrifty rules)

  • No Cancellation Fees if cancelled prior to pick-up.
  • No-shows incur a $50 admin fee, and the residual is refunded
  • All pre paid amounts are non-refundable once the rental has started.
  • No refunds provided for unused days.

                  (Refunds can take up to 7 days to process & exchange rate difference may apply)

  • At the time of booking, once the payment has been successfully made, we will email you an E-Voucher | Confirmation (electronic voucher/Reservation details) for your car rental.
  • Your E-Voucher must be printed and presented to the car rental company upon collection of the vehicle.
  • RentNewCars is not responsible for vehicles not being provided upon the basis of the non-presentation of this E-Voucher supplied, so please advise if you cannot print and we will fax a copy to the depot for you.

True Quotes Promises that your final corrected* payment will be the same as what we quoted - and if we are wrong then we will refund you DOUBLE difference to your credit card.
*NOTE: Once any depot charged errors have been reversed. We will require a copy of the rental agreement issued at the depot to accompany any claims, showing the final price charged.
All depots have surcharges on credit card payments these differ from 1.7% up to 4.5% depending on the card used and will not be reflected on your confirmation or form part of the true quote promise.

Quotes will Include:
  • Free Additional Drivers (some Europcar products not included)
  • Unlimited Kilometres for Metro Locations (most vehicles)
  • Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)+ Standard Damage Liability
  • GST
  • Vehicle Registration Recovery fee
  • Administration Fee
  • Airport | Premium Location Surcharge (if applicable)
  • Age Surcharge (if applicable)
  • Reduced Liability - if MAX COVER is taken
  • One Way Surcharges (if applicable)

*Prices are all in Australian Dollars (AUD) and based on a 24 hour hire period.

One-way rentals are permitted using limited vehicle choices between major east coast cities in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the Capital Territory (not from Western Australia). Rentals between regional and country locations may incur a one way fee. The quoting system will advise if your journey qualifies to
 Go One-Way Fee Free

Thrifty and Europcar both charge this fee to all rentals. This fee is included in all Pre-Pay and Max Cover options. 

An administation fee is a percentage that the car hire companies apply to everything, it is included in your online quotes so there are no surprises.
Please note: if you have any item that is payable on pick up ie GPS, Baby Seats, One Way Fees, this administration fee of 3.5% will apply.

 does not charge you any credit card fees for amounts
PRE PAID to us.
However, Europcar and Thrifty do have in place a Credit Card Surcharge for any amounts paid to them, which is between 1.5% up to 5% depending on the type of card.
So why not take our Pre Pay and Max Cover Payment Options which will allow you to avoid most of the surcharge??
Please note: if you have any item that is payable on pick up ie GPS, Baby Seats, One Way Fees, this credit card fee will apply.

It is very important to give us the correct flight number and advise immediately of any schedule or flight number changes.
The Airport & Premium location fees (ARF - Europcar, PLS - Thrifty) are charged to cover the fees the airport authority or premium city locations require and the car rental companies pass them on to the consumer.

The good news is that Rentnewcars.com.au packages and reduces this fee when you Pre Pay or take out the Max Cover.
If you wish to avoid the Premium Location Fees you have the following option.
Arrange to collect the vehicle from the City suburb Depot or alternatively catch a taxi to a depot nearest the airport: Alexandria (Sydney), Tullamarine (Melbourne) etc depots are within 10 minutes by taxi of the airport terminals. (OR take out our PRE PAY or MAX COVER options)

Please note: if you have any item that is payable on pick up ie GPS, baby seats, one way fees OR any extra charges ie fuel costs or mileage the premium location fee will apply.

Europcar Hotel Deliveries are on a case by case basis, they are not given to all rentals due to the limited staff on hand to physically deliver vehicles and service the depots. There are delivery charges in relation to the distance travelled. For example, 0-10kms $36, each additional km $2.20.

Thrifty will deliver your vehicle to any hotel/motel/apartment within a 5km radius of a depot (except airport depots). Where a delivery cannot be made a courtesy pickup may be available.

Thrifty - NT, Broome and Kununurra - A complimentary mini bus pick-up service is available from all hotels and accommodation houses in Darwin (Mon-Fri 8.30 - 16.30) and Alice Springs (Mon-Fri 8.30-16.00) including public holidays. Deliveries are not available from any other locations

Please specify the accommodation name, address and PHONE CONTACT in the comments section of the reservation request.

Please note that occasionally hotel deliveries cannot be provided due to volume of deliveries on a particular day, however you will be advised of this at the time of confirmation and definately prior to pickup.

  • Mondays to Fridays only 9am-4pm only
  • Pre paid bookings only
  • Only standard vehicles delivered not Specialty or Luxury
  • Europcar bookings only - a staff member from the depot will call you to confirm your credit card details for the bond, therefore a contact phone number is compulsory.

On the first step of the quoting process there is a link which will open up a drop down to select these items and inlcude them in your quote.

Some approximate prices:
Child Seats
Forward facing child seats are able to be requested from most locations.

Europcar - $11.00 per day with a maximum of $77.00 per hire.
Thrifty - From $6.00 per day with a maximum of $55.00 (most locations) up to $11.00 per day at some locations (no maximum).

Europcar and Thrifty do have
rear facing
seats and
Booster Seats
but not at all locations, our consultants will let you know if not available.
Australia has strict laws governing compulsory restraining of infants/toddlers whilst travelling in vehicles. From 9th of November 2009 laws regarding children up to seven years has become stricter, this is a great guide which was obtained from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau website: Guide to Child Restraints and for more information services and advise in each different state go to : The Bub Hub website and click on the state you are travelling to.
For another great website for hiring baby equipment visit Hire for Babe
GPS Units
Europcar and Thrifty both hire out Portable GPS Units but not from all locations. Should you require a GPS again please use the drop down in Step 1 or you can email us to add it in anytime. Thrifty do not allow GPS units on a one way rental.
Currently Europcar and Thrifty charge $11.00 per day. GPS amounts are capped 10 days for Thrifty 11 days for Europcar per 30 day rental. (Subject to change use as a guide only).
Europcar hire Street Directories at a charge of $3.30 per rental (GST Exclusive). Payable at pick up.
Thrifty offer free local maps and/or street directories at most locations. A $25 charge will be billed for any unreturned directories.

Europcar reserve the right to substitute an alternative vehicle without prior notification and at no extra cost should the vehicle booked be unavailable through unforeseen circumstances. This shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the hirer to a refund.
Vehicles cannot be requested by make or model, only by vehicle category.

Both companies have a 24-hour breakdown service in every state and territory throughout Australia. Replacement vehicles are provided if the vehicle is unable to be repaired on the spot.

You must be at least 21 years of age to rent a car from Europcar and Thrifty.
Thrifty & Europcar do not have a Maximum age for renters. However the driver must hold a full open drivers licence with no restrictions
To be eligible to hire you may not have been convicted of an offence relating to driving a vehicle, namely *under the influence of alcohol or drugs or * with a blood alcohol level over any legal limit in the last 3 years. Nor are you permitted to hire if you have had any motor vehicle insurance refused or cancelled for any reason within the three years prior to pickup.
The driver must carry a full driver's licence with a photo from their home country, if not in English or does not have a photo, a valid international driver's licence must accompany the original licence. This cannot be probationary or a photocopy, as long as the normal license is valid and in English it will be accepted in Australia.

21-24 years and up can take the Economy up to the Intermediate as well as the compact 4WD. Standard Commercial Vehicles, the minimum age is 21+ years. Vehicles other than those listed require a 25 years.



21- 24 years only permitted to hire the Economy up to the Full size and the 8 Seater minibus. (Corportate/Capital cities except Perth) Standard Commercial Vehicles, the minimum age is 21+ years, all other vehicles the minimum age is 25 years.
For all drivers 21-24 years there is a compulsory daily surcharge to cover you on the insurance policy.

Europcar. Some products may include an additional driver otherwise there is a charge of $5.75 per day (capped at 5 days).

Thrifty do not charge for any number of additional drivers, however if under 25 there is a daily age surcharge applicable.
Any driver not listed on the rental agreement is not covered by Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP). There is no need to advise RentNewCars of the drivers name at the time of booking, they simply need to show their licence and sign the rental agreement on vehicle pickup.

Melbourne has a network of Toll Roads which require the purchase of day passes. This can be arranged upon vehicle pickup or visit transurban
Sydney now has an electronic toll for the Cross City Tunnel, for full details see: Cross City Tunnel.
Brisbane: From July 2009 all Toll Booths situated in SQLD will be removed and Tolls will be cashless. Tolls can be paid over the telephone using your credit card.Phone 13000 GO VIA. Use your own e-tag device. Call in and pay/prepay at a QLD Motorways authorised seller govia

Thrifty - The renter is responsible for any/all toll and traffic infringements incurred during the course of their rental. If incured, Thrifty will transfer these infringements into the name of the renter who then becomes responsible nominating and transferring the responsibility to the driver of the vehicle at the time of the infringement or for paying the fine.
In addition a $35 administration fee is payable for each toll infringement transfer or a $50 administration fee for each speeding or parking infringement transfer. This administration fee will be charged to the renters credit card and a notification letter sent
Commencing 17 October, 2012, Thrifty Car Rental will offer an easy way for customers  to pay road tolls anywhere in Australia.
For the first time, Thrifty customers can drive interstate and have peace of mind that tolls are taken care of, wherever they go. All Thrifty vehicles will be registered with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for payment of road tolls.
Customers who pass through a road tolling point will be charged directly by RMS, rather than having to arrange payment for the tolls themselves.
To facilitate this arrangement,Thrifty customers must agree to their credit card details being passed on to RMS for payment, and to the "Roads and Maritime Services Terms and Conditions" Customers will be charged directly by RMS for any tolling points they pass, plus a $3.30 (incl. GST) per day service fee.
The fee is charged once on any day a tolling point is passed, and is not charged on any day/s on which no tolling points are passed.
All tolling enquiries will be managed by the RMS.
We are confident that this scheme will make any journey in a Thrifty car simpler, more convenient and stress-free.
All Europcar vehicles are registered on RMS' e-toll system.
At the time of rental of your vehicle, you will enter into a contract with RMS on the terms of the Roads and Maritime Services Terms and Conditions
Under the RMS Customer Agreement, you will be liable for, and must pay to RMS, the tolls and fees for the use of the E-Toll Facility, currently, $3.00 (excluding GST) for each calendar day on which the vehicle incurs a toll.
For any calendar day on which the Europcar vehicle is not driven on a
toll road during the rental, there is no service fee payable.
Private e-tags or other tolling products can no longer be used in a Europcar rental vehicle and a Shield Bag will be provided for you to place your personal e-tag so it does not register when driving through toll collection points.

Loss or Damage Cover is void if the vehicle is used or driven on any unsealed or unmade road or surface. Any surface made of dirt, gravel or sand falls into the category of unsealed road.
The only exception is the Europcar full size 4WD and the All Wheel Drive vehicles if Four Wheel Drive Cover or All Wheel Drive Cover is opted for at the time of pick up and you have been given prior consent by the depot to travel on unsealed gazetted roads (roads on a map) that are maintained by councils.
These vehicles may not be used "off road" areas such as beaches, sand dunes, desert, dry riverbeds etc. Any damage sustained whilst the vehicle is incorrectly used will result in the renter being liable for all damage and recovery costs.
  • Loss or Damage Cover is void if vehicle is taken off mainland Australia or whilst being transported across any waterway.
  • Overhead and undercarriage damage, including tyre and rim damage, is not covered by loss or damage cover.
  • All drivers of the vehicle must be nominated at the commencement of the rental.
  • Tyre and windscreen cover is not included for Thrifty and Europcar 4WD's (large 4wd's).
General Conditions

  • To propel or tow any vehicle (not being a trailer), or to propel or tow any trailer with a load in excess of the capacity of the trailer, towing mechanism or Vehicle. Carry equipment on roof racks or the roof of the vehicle.
  • To carry any animal or pet
  • For racing, pacemaking, reliability trials or hill climbing, or being tested in preparation for those purposes
  • To carry any greater load, number of persons or for use in a manner or for a purpose for which the Vehicle was not designed and constructed or to carry any greater number of persons than the Vehicle has seat belts.
  • To carry persons for hire or reward or to carry any inflammable, explosive or corrosive materials. To carry any greater load, number of persons or for use in a manner or for a purpose for which the Vehicle was not designed and constructed or to carry any greater number of persons than the Vehicle has seat belts.
  • Be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or have a blood alcohol content that exceeds the legal limit in the Country, State or Territory in which the Vehicle is driven; or refuse to take a breath or blood test in the Country, State or Territory in which the Vehicle is driven use the Vehicle to carry any inflammable substance which has a flash point under 23°C or any other explosive or corrosive substances.
  • Operate or permit the Vehicle to be operated in breach of any legislation, regulations, rules or by laws relating to road traffic and use.

Please read the restriction below for each state:

  • Western Australia - If vehicles are travelling interstate or into remote areas, prior written approval by Thrifty WA must be granted. Consideration must be given by the driver for their own safety and contactibility in the event of an accident or incident. Travelling into some areas of Western Australia require National Park Passes, these are available for sale from the Perth Tourist Centre.

  • South Australia - Travelling into some areas of the South Australia outback may involve the need for a Desert Pass Permit. These are available for sale from the Adelaide Tourist Centre.

    All vehicles are permitted to Kangaroo Island if collected from a corporate location (eg Adelaide City or Adelaide Airport) only and must be advised at time of booking and collection.

    Car classes Economy to Full Size sedans are only allowed on sealed roads, Full Size 4wd vehicles are allowed on government gazetted roads. Mechanical Failure on the island - there is one breakdown service and location on the island therefore response times are not guaranteed. Customers will be required to sign a disclaimer when they collect the car.

    Important Note: Thrifty do not offer any cover whilst vehicles are being loaded on or off of ferries, or whilst on the ferry. Customers need to be aware of this. They take vehicles on ferries at their own risk.

  • Far North Queensland - Travel is permitted as far as Cooktown only via the inland road (Peninsula Development Road / Cooktown Development Road). Travel to Cooktown via the coastal road (Cape Tribulation Road) is not permitted; customers can only travel as far as Cape Tribulation
  • Fraser Island - Vehicles are no longer permitted to be driven or taken to Fraser Island.
  • Tasmania - Vehicles cannot be taken onto the Spirit of Tasmania ferry and into Tasmania
  • Northern Territory, Broome and Kununurra - Access is denied in the following areas:

    Kakadu Region - Jim Jim and Twin Falls, all year round
    Arnhem Land - Access to Arnhem Land including Gurig/Cobourg National Park is denied subject to Thrifty's approval and on presentation of permits obtained from the relevant authority for entry into/onto Aboriginal Land
    Litchfield Region
    Katherine Region - Central Arnhem Road to Gove beyond Bulman
    Kimberley Region - Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles), Mitchell Plateau and Kalumburu. For Gibb River Road travel between November and April is subject to seasonal road conditions and access limited to manual full size 4WDs only.
    Broome - Cable Beach or any other beach. The Gibb River Road is accessible to manual full size 4WDs. Absolutely, no standard passenger vehicles at any time as this is a rugged road. Vehicle access maybe restricted due to weather.
    Central Australia - Tanami Track, Gunbarrell Highway, Plenty/Donahue Highway, Canning Stock Route, Oodnadatta Track, Strzlecki Track, Birdsville Track only when travelling with another vehicle and with Thriftys consent and knowledge. Manual full size 4WDs only.
    Other Areas - The Gulf Track, Cape York Peninsular and Fraser Island (for a vehicle rental from Northern Territory)
    Aboriginal Permit Land - any entry to Aboriginal Land with a permit is illegal. Access to any land requiring a permit for entry is denied without Thriftys approval and entry permit must be provided to Thrifty prior to entry to such lands. Collision Damage Cover is not valid in the event of an unauthorised entry into Aboriginal Land or Breach of permit regulations.
    Larapinta and Namatjira Drive (Mereenie Loop Road) - only accessible with full size manual 4WDs. Any damage sustained to the vehicle whilst on these roads is subject to the standard damage liabilities of $5,500 for a Multi Vehicle Accident and $7,700 for a Single Vehicle Accident. Any additional liability reduces purchased does not apply for travel on these roads.
  • Dusk to Dawn - any damage sustained to a rented vehicle as a result of a collision with an animal between the hours of dusk to dawn will not be covered by Thrifty's damage liabilities. All damages and recovery costs will be the responsibility of the hirer.
  • Driving in Snow - Above the snow line being either the entrance to national parks in which snow falls or areas in which snow chains are required to be fitted (by the relevant authority). All coverage is limited to sealed roads or designated car parks, which are within the National Park. Snow Season is approximately from June to October. Participating locations are: Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Cooma and Albury.
Snow Cover Conditions:
  • All snow chain damage is excluded
  • A compulsory surcharge is payable at the depot directly and is in addition to the standard liability reduction, age surcharges, local taxes etc. This covers vehicles travelling above the snow line as well as eliminating the snow damage liability. (approx $11-$22 per day)
You are not permitted to take any vehicle to:
  • Off Road
  • Between mainland Australia and Tasmania in either direction
  • Fraser Island
  • North of Chillagoe or Georgetown
  • North of Cooktown or Laura
  • On the Burke Development Road
  • North of Maggieville
  • On unsealed roads north and west of Mt Isa
  • On the Bloomfield track
  • On the Savannah Way
  • On the Tanamai Track
  • Gunbarrel Highway
  • On the road from Jim Jim Falls to Twin Falls, even if Unsealed Road Cover - 4WD or ALWD has been purchased
  • On the Gibb River Road
  • On the Cape Leveque road
  • On the road to Windjana Gorge
  • On the Cardabia - Ningaloo Road
  • On the access road from the Great Northern Highway to the Purnululu National Park, commenley known as the Bungle Bungles
  • In the Northern Territory on the Larapinta and Namitjira Drives, commonly known as the Mereenie Loop.
  • Above the snow line from 1 June until 30 October each year (unless snow cover is purchased at the commencement of rental)
  • And in No Circumstances On beaches or through streams, dams, rivers or flood waters (or flood prone roads or where police have issued warning or any other Government authority or caution)
Travel on Ferries and Trains:
Travel on ferry services in Australia is permitted i.e. To Kangaroo Island and v.v. but the vehicle
 by Europcar Insurance whilst on the Ferry. You will need to check with the Ferry company regarding insurance coverage or take out personal travel insurance to cover these situations.
Travel on train services in Australia is permitted i.e. The Indian Pacific from Perth to Adelaide and v.v. but the vehicle
 by Europcar Insurance whilst on the Train. You will need to check with the Train company regarding insurance coverage or take out personal travel insurance to cover these situations.
Snow Cover
  • A compulsory surcharge is payable at the depot directly and is in addition to the standard liability reduction. (approx $22- $35 day)
  • If you travel to the snow fields without purchasing the Snow Coverage you will be liable for all costs associated with any accident or incident.
  • Snow chains can be supplied and fitted independantly however chain damage is not covered by Europcar Insurance and the depots do not have a hiring service available.

  • The information that we provide on our website is supplied to us by both car rental companies and is always subject to change without notice, therefore we cannot accept responsibility for any changes not reflected in this page.
  • Upon collection of your vehicle you enter into a direct contract with the car rental company and in the event of any issues, problems, queries, concerns or complaints they should be directed to the individual car rental companies. However RentNewCars offers a very comprehensive back up and customer service facility and we will assist you in any way we possibly can to resolve any complaints or overcharges you should incur.

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